"beautiful, subtle and exotic"   

Pure Cinnamon

The Genuine & Original Spice

Pure Cinnamon aims to bring genuine, authentic Cinnamon produced in Sri Lanka by Ceylon Cinnamon from its plantations to the tables and kitchen larders of Australians and New Zealanders.

Not to be confused with the inferior Chinese Cassia 'Cinnamon' blends, Pure Cinnamon is, as its name suggests, as pure and as authentic now as it was 3000 years ago when traders first started supplying Europe and Asia Minor with this beautiful, subtle and exotic spice.

Cinnamon – For a healthy life

Cinnamon should be part of your diet. It can aid in the treatment of many ailments. Ayurvedic medicine has long recommended external applications of Cinnamon Oil for the treatment of rheumatism, aching joints and stiffness.

Cinnamon has been found to have blood thinning capacity - be aware of this if already on such medication.

It can be used to treat toothache and sore gums much like clove oil. It is used as a decongestant and also with urinary tract problems.

Cinnamon can be used as an anti-fungal treatment on fungal growths like candida. With its anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities it is often used in place of common food preservatives.

Probably the most interesting developments are in the natural treatment of Diabetes. For those suffering from an effect known as 'metabolic syndrome', a pre-stage of insulin-resistant type 2 Diabetes, it has proven to be an effective stabiliser. It has been found to sensitise insulin receptors and inhibits the enzyme known to deactivate these receptors, thus having a significant effect on glucose uptake. It is also believed to help the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Delicious – A spice for life

But the most important factor? it is delicious and by adding as little as two teaspoons a day to your diet may in fact change your health status in a most positive way.

Take it with your coffee, your tea, with milk drinks or with fruity cocktails. Enjoy it in curries and added to meat dishes. Try its beautiful, subtle flavours in cinnamon cakes, cinnamon cookies, cinnamon buns and now in cinnamon chocolate.

Choose genuine Pure Cinnamon and recognise the Wisdom of the ages. Cinnamon is and always will be a magical spice. Make it part of your life.