"sought after for its fragrance and unique flavour"   

About Pure Cinnamon

The Spice of Life

"Cinnamon and Spice, and all things nice"

Cinnamon is a wonderful spice which all of us were introduced to in our childhood. Desserts, pastries and buns, sprinkled on hot milky drinks, Cinnamon is a delightful and refreshing spice with an instantly recognisable flavour.

Cinnamon Prized for Millennia

But Cinnamon has an incredible history and it has a story most people are not aware of. Cinnamon has been traded for over 3000 years. For more than two millennia the source of 'pure' cinnamon was a closely guarded secret. Arab traders created stories of giant mythical birds gathering the wood of cinnamon trees to make their nests. Of course it was a baseless myth. True Cinnamon, pure cinnamon came from and still does come from that beautiful jewel at the base of the Indian sub-continent, Sri Lanka.

Pure Cinnamon the True Cinnamon

Cinnamon was stripped from the tree of the Botanical species Cinnamon Zeylanicum Blume, originally a small Tropical evergreen tree that is a member of the Lauraceae family.

Cinnamon was sought after for its fragrance and its unique flavour. As well it was recognised for its health giving properties in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, urinary infections, providing relief from colds and flu as well as remarkable anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It is also believed to help people with diabetes metabolise sugar better.

Cinnamon – Sourced from Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Ceylon Cinnamon

It was cinnamon that opened up the East Indies spice trade in the 1500's and and 1600's with first the Portugese establishing a major trading fort on the island and then the Dutch – the Dutch East Indies Company taking over 100 years later.

It is said that one could smell the cinnamon trees 12km out to sea.

Pure Cinnamon comes exclusively from Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Government export development board grants a certificate verifying the quality and origin of pure Ceylon Cinnamon. (Look for the Lion logo and special H.C. number on all products)

There are 7 grades of Cinnamon – Alba, C4, C3, M5, M4, H1, H2.

The Healthy Choice – Pure Cinnamon

True Cinnamon (Pure Cinnamon) must be differentiated from its Chinese cousin Cassia. Ceylon pure cinnamon has the lowest rate of Courmarin content – 0.02%, compared with 4-8% for Chinese Cassia 'Cinnamon'. (Courmarin is considered dangerous with regular consumption of high levels possibly causing liver damage)

So sprinkle Pure Cinnamon over your coffee or hot chocolate. Try it with your tea. Enjoy it sprinkled on ice cream or plain yoghurt, it's perfect for fruity cocktails.

Use it in with your curries and meat dishes. Add a few shakes for that extra zing.

And as you savour its fragrance, its flavour, think of the beautiful green jewel it comes from sitting like an emerald between the straights of Lanka and the vast Indian Ocean. It is a gift.